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Some licensors or website providers state expectations or interpretations about what NC means. Those explanations never form part of the CC license, even if included in terms of service or another resource designed to contractually bind reusers. CC strongly discourages the practice when such statements carve back (rather than expand) on reuses allowed by the NC definition or contradict the plain meaning of the licenses. When those statements are intended to bind reusers or to modify the CC license, no CC trademarks may be associated with either the work or the terms under which it is offered. For more information about CC’s license modification policy, visit this page.

Here is the sources we use;

Keep in mind as most of the content indexed on FONT Repo is "open source" and free to use in commercial projects, some user submitted content or contents that supplied from the resources might have reserved rights for designers or entities (which is stated in the single icon pages, icon pack pages and source code of SVG files) the responsibility of outcome that might occur in using FONT Repo indexed content belongs to the user. Please check your (dot)SVG file contents before using in a commercial project.

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